Trilliant Offices were planned in a way that assemble the spaces that need to operate together and separate the ones that need to remain separate. Close collaboration between architects and designers resulted in producing a practical, sustainable building, energy neutral and future-proof by way of its extreme flexibility.

Treated to an inspiring, comfortable and safe environment, clients will be satisfied with true professional approach in building management.

Tower 1

Tower 2

A Class Offices



Office tenants recognize the highest standard, which is mandatory for A-class building. Aligned with the needs, Trilliant provides various areas of interior space.

Such parameters as floor height of 4.375 m, for example, allows any ideas for working spaces to be implemented. This is one of the main factors why the interior feels luxurious. In addition, high ceilings are better for health and improve brain connectivity.

Architecturally speaking, Trilliant is a working area full of spirit with optimum flexibility such as open-offices, office cell etc.