Being successful in business, to us, means making meaningful contributions to the communities it serves, developing a generous environment, driving economic growth by utilizing green technologies. Project’s goal is to create an A class environment to assist its habitants to achieve their global goals.

Trilliant is mixed-use development project, where people can work, enjoy leisure and accommodate.


We believe that great successful places are made for people, they put the people first, they help to bring them together and help to make tem happy. And it is to that vision that we created Trilliant Tashkent.

DPA Architects

Exterior Architecture

Spectacular in form and design, Trilliant complex plays an important role as an integrative interface for widely varying contexts. Its design and alignment maximize visibility – an essential to “landmark” and form better recognition. Overall project architecture design is practical, environmental friendly by way of its extreme flexibility. Sculptural forms of the buildings help to establish the presence.


A Vibrant Business Ecosystem Of Over 30,000 Professionals Working Across More Than 2,400 Active Registered Firms That Benefit From The Centre’s Robust Independent Judicial System & Regulatory Framework, A Global Financial Exchange, Inspiring Architecture, And Enabling Support Services.


Total land area

25,020 sqm


Urban areas are in higher need for sustainable solutions that preserve nature. As people spend much time “in”, the interior is given our attention the most. Sustainable office is, a powerful reason to believe for the project’s vision. It is also a demand of our century. Trilliant is one of the best examples how environmentally friendly practices look like, since it is candidate for LEED gold certificate.